We provided services to Immocap, Inc.

Press releases 14. September 2023

Press announcement

We are proud to announce that SetupMART has served as the supplier of a project ready-made LLC for a major real estate development company, IMMOCAP, Inc.

We provided our ready-made LLC company sales services to IMMOCAP in connection with the new ISTROPOLIS project. It transforms the long dilapidated premises of the Istropolis Trade Union House into a multifunctional space for people. The heart and dominant feature of the project will be a cultural and congress centre, which together with a generous public space will form the basis of a new vital district. This district full of greenery will provide a quality space for living, working, culture and leisure. High quality public spaces and three new squares will enhance the experience.



Binding opinions on investment activities.

The project of the new Istropolis has received binding opinions on investment activities from the Bratislava City Hall. The developer plans to start construction of the project in the second half of 2024. The binding opinions concern the technical infrastructure and transport solutions, as well as the buildings of the first phase of the project. Specifically, these are spaces for housing, work and, of course, a cultural and social hall.



We have been working on the preparation of the new Istropolis for more than five years, which is why we at Immocap are delighted to reach this important milestone in the permitting process. I would like to express my gratitude to our head of development Jakub Gossányi, development manager Tomáš Juríček as well as to the whole team that has been successfully leading this complex process. The project of the new Istropolis is our flagship and will bring Bratislava a new zone full of life, modern architecture, quality spaces for work and living, but most importantly a top-quality public space and cultural and social hall, which is still missing in the city,said Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap.


Source: www.immocap.sk

Autor článku: Mgr. Dominik Ondrišeje

Dominik is co-founder of the SetupMART project. Dominik is responsible for corporate services and implementation of modern technologies in our services at SetupMART. Dominik is dedicated to the sale of ready-made companies since 2011. Dominik studied law at the Pan-European School of Law.