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Mandatory registration taxable persons are regulated by § 4 par. 1 of the VAT Act in relation to the turnover defined in § 4 par. 7 of the VAT Act.

The obligation to register as a VAT payer rests with a taxable person with a registered office, place of business or establishment in the Slovak Republic and will achieve a turnover of EUR 49,790 for a maximum of 12 consecutive calendar months.

This means that two conditions must be met for mandatory registration:

  • The registrant is a taxable person, i. engages in economic activity within the meaning of the VAT Act
  • Turnover achieved in the last 12 previous consecutive calendar months is € 49,790 and more

When registering under § 4 par. 1 of the VAT Act (after reaching the legal turnover) the company becomes a taxable person. It is liable to pay tax on its supplies of goods and services and has the right to deduct.



The registration of a non-VAT registered person when receiving and delivering services from / to another Member State is regulated by Section 7a of the VAT Act.

A taxable person who is not registered for tax is required to register:

  • Before receiving a service from another Member State where it becomes liable to pay tax pursuant to Article 69 (1). 3 of the VAT Act, or
  • Before delivery of the service to another Member State, where the place of delivery shall be determined pursuant to § 15 para. 1 of the VAT Act and the taxable person is the recipient of the service.

Among the services for which the place of delivery is determined pursuant to § 15 para. 1 of the VAT Act, include in particular: mediation services, transport of goods, ancillary services in the transport of goods, valuation and work on tangible movable property, rental of movable property (except for short-term rental of vehicles), advertising, consultancy, engineering, accounting, auditing, translation, interpretation, assignment of personnel, services supplied by electronic means.


Entrepreneur can apply for registration as a VAT payer even before the turnover of EUR 49,790.

When applying for VAT, this are following and important conditions:

  • the person submitting the application is a taxable person,
  • whether the person submitting the application pursues an economic activity within the meaning of Section 3 of the VAT Act.


Every submission for voluntary registration is assessed by the tax administrator individually according to the entrepreneur’s activity and decides whether to register the applicant.

If the conditions for registration are met, the tax office will register the applicant within 21 days from the date of receipt of the application for registration. Subsequently, it issues the applicant a tax registration certificate (so-called VAT ID card). On the day indicated in the tax registration certificate, the entrepreneur becomes a payer of value added tax.

The tax administrator will not comply with the application for voluntary registration as a VAT payer unless the applicant is a taxable person.

What is included in the services?

  • Tax advice before applying for VAT registration
  • Preparation of the VAT registration application and the necessary documents
  • Consulting and tax consultancy according to setting up the best strategy for communication with the tax office in order to successful registration of the company for VAT
  • Representation of the company by a tax advisor before the relevant tax office in the company registration procedure for VAT


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Who we are? is a project whose ambition is to create an online platform in the form of an e-shop where our clients can easily and quickly buy a ready-made company registered for VAT. Our goal is to automate the process of purchasing a ready-made company in order to make our work more efficient, shorten the time to prepare documents, automate document creation and later communicate with the authorities. All this in order to provide clients with a fast, high quality and affordable online service to buy shelf companies. has emerged as a natural response to market demand for ready-made companies that are registered for VAT. Through this project, we try to help entrepreneurs, law firms and accountants to incorporate themselves or their clients as VAT payers. We have been selling ready-made companies since 2011 and we have rich experience and hundreds of clients. We are a team of young, progressive lawyers and tax advisors who try to deliver maximum performance to the client.

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