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Integrity of shelf company is guaranteed by tax advisor

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Current slovak ready made joint stock companies (a.s.) for sale

Slovak ready made joint stock company a.s. is a business company whose legal form is a joint – stock company and which was established exclusively for the purpose of its resale to our clients. On behalf of the joint-stock company, you can act as chairman of the board within a few days. Slovak Ready-made joint-stock companies are legally, economically and accountingly perfect. Buying a joint stock company is a popular service for entrepreneurs who need to start a business immediately in the form of a joint stock company. The establishment of a joint-stock company is a time-consuming and administratively demanding process which, when purchasing a finished joint-stock company a.s. you don’t have to graduate and save time.
Forwardex 2 a. s. 54 577 659 27.04.2022 no VAT registration 3.999 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
Protexa holding 2 a. s. 54 577 667 27.04.2022 no VAT registration 3.999 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
Umbreon s. r. o. + bank account 55 296 157 08.03.2023 01.09.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
Pachirisu s. r. o. + bank account 55 296 441 07.03.2023 01.09.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
Palossand s. r. o. + bank account 55 296 777 04.03.2023 01.10.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
Deyno s. r. o. + bank account 55 635 881 08.08.2023 01.10.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVE COMPANY
SPV ADV3 s.r.o. 54 196 124 04.11.2021 not VAT payer 1.000 € See more RESERVED
Coroner s. r. o. + bank account 53 806 832 25.05.2021 15.07.2021 2.500 € See more RESERVED
DoBiz s. r. o. + bank account 53 806 701 25.05.2021 01.08.2021 2.590 € See more RESERVED
Cimawex s. r. o. + bank account 55 033 199 10.11.2022 01.12.2022 2.599 € See more RESERVED
J-NEW SPV2 s. r. o. + bank account 54 567 220 22.04.2022 01.07.2022 3.000 € See more RESERVED
Cimawex s. r. o. + bank account 55 033 199 10.11.2022 01.02.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVED
Diglett s. r. o. + bank account 55 101 348 01.01.2023 01.02.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVED
Aminoxet s. r. o. + bank account 55 206 522 15.02.2023 01.05.2023 2.500 € See more RESERVED
Forwardex a. s. 53 562 470 02.02.2021 no VAT registration 3.500 € See more SOLD
Delcatty s. r. o. + bank account 55 102 018 01.01.2023 15.03.2023 2.500 € See more SOLD

We will ensure accelerated registration in business register within 7 working days!

from 399 €

Is buying a joint stock company (a.s.) unsuitable for you?

Start your business in a simpler legal form, with the help of a limited liability company. Slovak LTD (s.r.o.) company.

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Company Sale Process We Follow


Book your company comfortably online

  • Fill in simple reservation form
  • We will contact you within a few hours
  • We will go through the first consultation

You will set new parameters of your company online

  • You will fill in a simple online form
  • You will fill in personal data of future shareholders and directors
  • You will specify requirements to change company parameters (business name, company seats and business objects…)

We will send you the transfer documents by email within few hours

  • We will prepare the transfer documentation
  • Documents will be sent to you by email for approval
  • We agree on the date of signing the documents

Meeting and signing documents

  • We will set up a time and date of our meeting
  • We will meet and sign documents

Payment + submission of accounting documents

  • Payment can be done conveniently by bank transfer or deposit to our account
  • Immediately after you process your payment, we will deliver complete accounting and corporate documents to you

Registration of changes in the Commercial Register

  • We will secure the entry of changes in the Commercial Register
  • We will change the business name
  • We will expand business subjects
  • We will change partners and directors of the company

You can do business as a slovak joint stock company (a.s.)

  • You can do business as a VAT payer after signing the transfer documentation

After-sales service for free

  • We will report all changes to the tax office
  • We will transfer VAT ID cards to tax office
  • We will prove the integrity of new managers to the trade office
  • We’ll help you to set up electronic communications with the tax office

Why Buy a slovak joint stock Company (a.s.) From Us?

We are experienced

We have sold hundreds of companies and have accumulated a lot of experience, our portfolio of clients is our proof


Real estate developers and leading law firms, as well as small entrepreneurs, rely on us. We know the business. This is evidenced by our references.


our clients are served by certified tax advisors and lawyers, we are not just common resellers of shelf companies

Signature anywhere in the Slovak Republic

we understand your need to be effective. Therefore, we are flexible and, if necessary, we will come to you to sign documents

Cost-benefit packages

we provide cost-advantageous service packages when you combine a ready-made company with virtual office

After-transfer services for free

The client has obligations after buying the company. We are happy to help you for free with these duties.

Trust and clear pricing

Price of ready-made companies is clear, transparent and final. We do not use hidden fees. The purchase price of a ready made company includes all the changes required by the client.

Innovation and automation

our goal is to automate and robotize the process of selling ready-made companies so that we can reduce the time to prepare documents to a minimum, reduce costs and thus cost companies. Try our booking forms.

Guarantee by tax advisor

no debts and tax-accounting integrity of ready-made companies are guaranteed by a tax advisor

Dignity and responsibility

we sell ready-made companies ony to such clients we find that they do not have debts to the state


I was 100% satisfied with your services. In the process of purchase the company, I met with a prompt, quality and correct approach. Thank you and I will definitely turn to your company again in the future.

(Ján Bzik, Executive director at Andros s.r.o. )

When we bought our company, we were encouraged by our friends to reach out to this company. We were very satisfied. Professional and mainly human approach.

(Gabika Cimbaľáková, executive director at GP Initium Novum s.r.o.)

Corporate Services of this company are at a high, professional level. In future, I will be happy to turn to SetupMART again if necessary.

(Maroš Dragúň, partner at Cuprum Consulting s.r.o.)

Perfect and mainly fast cooperation (:

(Ingrid Bartalská, executive director at Rayvolt Machines s.r.o.)

The company's services can only be recommended. We repeatedly bought s.r.o. for our clients. Company representatives have always been very professional and willing. The documentation for the transfer was quick and well prepared. Of course, there was a clear handover of the accounts and no indication of a registration problem. High level service.

(Peter Bartošík, partner at law firm Bartosik & Svaby s.r.o.)

We were really satisfied with the company's services.

(Mgr. Michael Dobrovolný, Manager at SMART Office & Companies s.r.o.)

Dear Mr. Ondrišeje, I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail you have demonstrated, and the way you conduct business as a whole. We have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other companies and contacts. I could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship. Thank you. All the best,

(Huibin Xiang, executive director at PureIT s.r.o.)


Miroslav Vician Setupmart

JUDr. Miroslav Vician | TAX ADVISOR
+421 940 628 811

Mgr. Dominik Ondrišeje | LAWYER
+421 940 601 033

About SetupMART is a project whose ambition is to create an online platform in the form of an e-shop where our clients can easily and quickly buy a ready-made company registered for VAT. Our goal is to automate the process of purchasing a ready-made company in order to make our work more efficient, shorten the time to prepare documents, automate document creation and later communicate with the authorities. All this in order to provide clients with a fast, high quality and affordable online service to buy shelf companies. has emerged as a natural response to market demand for ready-made companies that are registered for VAT. Through this project, we try to help entrepreneurs, law firms and accountants to incorporate themselves or their clients as VAT payers. We have been selling ready-made companies since 2011 and we have rich experience and hundreds of clients. We are a team of young, progressive lawyers and tax advisors who try to deliver maximum performance to the client.


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