News: Slovak ready-made Joint-Stock Companies now available in our offer.

ready made as akciova spolocnost

Company formation in Slovakia 07. September 2023

We are expanding our offer of Slovak ready-made joint-stock companies. We have expanded our offer of Slovak ready-made companies to include those with the legal form of joint-stock companies (a.s.). These companies were established in 2021 and have not conducted any activities.


What are the advantages of doing business in the form of a Slovak joint-stock company?

  • A Slovak joint-stock company has a high level of credibility and trustworthiness, thus presenting an overall better image than other legal forms of companies.
  • A Slovak joint-stock company a.s. has the opportunity to capitalize itself through the issuance of shares, thereby obtaining a larger amount of financial resources for its project.
  • There is no limit on the number of shareholders.
  • Shareholders do not bear liability for the obligations of the Slovak joint-stock company.
  • Partial anonymity of shareholders.


Our joint-stock companies a.s. meet these criteria:

  • They are 100% owned by our company – the only shareholder of the Slovak ready-made a.s. is our partner company SetupMART LLC.
  • They have properly paid-up share capital in the amount of EUR 25,000 – the share capital of the joint-stock company is fully paid up by a single shareholder in the amount of EUR 25,000. The share capital is properly transferred to the client upon the purchase of shares in the ready-made a.s.
  • They have a bank account – each ready-made company has a free bank account with Fio bank.
  • They are ready for an immediate transfer – as a member of the board of directors, you can act in the name of the joint-stock company within 24 hours. We can ensure the preparation of documents and a notarial deed of the legal act this quickly.
  • They have no contracts – ready-made joint-stock companies have no contracts other than the contract for maintaining a business account with Fio bank a.s.
  • They have no obligations (financial, contractual, or otherwise).
  • We guarantee their debt-free status – we guarantee the debt-free status of the joint-stock company to you under the threat of compensation for damages.
  • They have proper accounting maintained by a tax advisor.

For more information, you can contact us at phone number: +421 910 399 090 or via email at

Autor článku: Mgr. Dominik Ondrišeje

Dominik is co-founder of the SetupMART project. Dominik is responsible for corporate services and implementation of modern technologies in our services at SetupMART. Dominik is dedicated to the sale of ready-made companies since 2011. Dominik studied law at the Pan-European School of Law.