Purchase of a Slovak Ready-Made LLC company in 7 Steps.

Business 07. September 2023

1. Expression of interest in purchasing a Slovak Ready-Made LLC company. 

The client contacts us, either in person or by phone, expressing interest in purchasing one of the Slovak ready-made companies: (a) ready-made LLC or (b) ready-made joint – stock company or (c) ready-made companies registered for VAT. We will arrange an initial consultation in person, by phone, or via email.


2. Initial Consultation

The client will explain their requirements for the purchased company (number of shareholders, desired business activities, business name requirements, registered address, etc.). We will assess the client’s needs, suggest suitable solutions, and inform them of the procedure, terms, and service costs.


3. Submission of Documents by the client

The client will provide us with all necessary documents to prepare the transfer documentation (shareholder information, executives, business name, registered address, business activities, etc.).


4. Preparation of transfer documentation by lawyers

We will ensure the preparation of complete transfer documentation for the sale of the Slovak ready-made company by qualified professionals – lawyers. Document preparation will be completed within a few days of receiving the requirements.


5. Meeting and document Signing

The signing of transfer documentation can take place at any notary in Slovakia. We can either sign the documents at a cooperating notary’s office or send them to you by mail. If we send the documents for your signature by mail, we will also provide instructions for proper notarization. After signing the documents, please send them to our address.


6. Registration of changes in the Slovak Commercial Register

In case of expanding business activities, we will arrange for the issuance of a trade license certificate, pay the required fees, and obtain the certificate (approximately 5 working days). We will submit a request to register changes in the registered data with the Slovak Commercial Register, pay the court fees, and collect the confirmation of registration and an excerpt from the commercial register (7 working days). We will also notify the tax office of the changes.


7. Delivery of complete documentation and accounting

We will arrange for the delivery of the complete documentation to your address. We can hand over the documents either in a personal meeting or send them to you via courier.


Autor článku: Mgr. Dominik Ondrišeje

Dominik is co-founder of the SetupMART project. Dominik is responsible for corporate services and implementation of modern technologies in our services at SetupMART. Dominik is dedicated to the sale of ready-made companies since 2011. Dominik studied law at the Pan-European School of Law.